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Play as Mika and explore this breathtaking world with Windstorm

Learn to tame your horse and how to take care of your true companion
Experience the joy of riding and exciting adventures
Discover nature and explore the famous movie setting
Ride, discover, care and complete adventurous missions!

Slip into the role of Mika and dive into the fascinating world of the horse whisperer with her black stallion Windstorm. On the back of Windstorm you can experience the boundless freedom of riding.

Around Gut Kaltenbach many tasks is waiting to be completed by you. In addition, there is plenty to discover while exploring the surroundings of Gut Kaltenbach. Carefully look after Windstorm and always take care of his fitness, health and well-being.

Learn the natural handling of Windstorm and experience the freedom of riding with exciting riding tasks
Take care of your animal friend Windstorm and keep him in top shape, so you can experience the greatest adventure together!
Explore independently the environment of Gut Kaltenbach on the back of Windstorm


Publisher Eurovideo Release 12-10-2018
Genre Family Prod nr 750164WIND
Format SWITCH EAN 4009750520406
Finns även Nej Info uppdaterad 24-01-2020 13:00
Vikt 0.05kg PEGI

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