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Windstorm Ari's Arrival


Is there any truth to the legend of the Horseback Warrior?
In Windstorm Ari's Arrival, players can not only ride their horse, they
also have to be skilled with bow and arrow. An entirely new
feature, which enables completely new ways to play missions.
Players will be able to master the archery skill not only on
horseback, but also on foot.
5 richly varied main missions
30 extensive side quests
Experience the exciting story about estate of Kaltenbach
Numerous expansive new areas
New, exciting game features, like Archery Mode
Explore estate of Kaltenbach and its surroundings on foot or horseback
A vast world of breathtaking beauty, powered by the Unreal Engine
New characters that come to the player’s aid
Countless rewards to be unlocked and collectibles to find


Publisher Eurovideo Release 18-04-2019
Genre Prod nr 44164WIND2
Format PS4 EAN 4009750551042
Finns även Nej Info uppdaterad 28-05-2020 03:00
Vikt 0.15kg PEGI

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