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NACON GC-100XF Wired Vibrating Controller - Grey


This wired controller provides PC gamers with optimal grip for any type of game. Available in 6 different colours.
Sturdy and comfortable
The NACON GC-100XF wired controller is an essential PC gaming accessory. Its asymmetric analogue sticks are ideally suited to FPS and TPS games.

Technical specifications
The GC-100XF is a PC controller (XInput and DirectInput8) that suits all hand sizes. Loved by gamers for its unbeatable value for money, this is a controller that's built to last! Its soft-touch surface ensures a comfortable grip even after long gaming sessions. The twin asymmetric analogue sticks are ideal for shooters on PC. It also has 6 action buttons, 2 triggers, 2 shoulder buttons and an 8-way directional pad.
Feel every single one of your actions thanks to the integrated vibration motors. With a long 1.8m cable, it's ideal for PC games that benefit from using a controller and provides a console-like experience. This controller is plug and play, so no software is required.



  • Connection : Integrated USB cable
  • Software : No

  • Ergonomics

  • Joystick position : Asymmetric
  • Profiles : No
  • Programmable buttons : No
  • LED player indicator : No

  • General information
    Compatibilité : Windows


    Publisher NACON Release 01-01-2020
    Genre 16800NACGC2
    Format PC EAN 3499550359039
    Fåes også til Nei Info oppdatert 21-01-2021 10:00
    Vekt 0.3kg

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