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Roccat Modulok - Headset Stand


Say goodbye to chaotic headset storage with the Modulok. It represents your headset’s stylish new home on your desk, keeping it safe and secure when it’s not in use.
Super stable
High-grip rubberized feet make sure the Modulok stays exactly where you put it. Its weight is also perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity to keep it from being knocked over easily.

Universal design
The Modulok was tested with over 70 different headsets with excellent results. This guarantees that all of the most common gaming headsets will fit on the Modulok.

Height: 30.00 cm
Width: 13.00 cm
Length: 13.00 cm
Weight: 460 g


Leverandør TURTLEBEACH Release 13-12-1901
Genre Prod nr 1388ROC15900
Format PC EAN 4250288142244
Findes også til - Opdateret 18-02-2020 22:00
Vægt 0.9kg

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