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Dual Ultra Slim Charge System


Stay in charge, stay in place! With innovative features, the PDP Gaming Dual Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox takes the guesswork out of whether your controller has connected and won't get knocked out of place.
Magnetic ports snap the controller into place for an optimal connection every time. With advanced, micro-suction material, the charge system will stay in place and only move when you want it to. The slim, modern design fits seamlessly into your living or gaming room. Cinematic, auto-dimming lights adapt to surrounding conditions to be less intrusive in the dark. LED indicators on the front show you the charge status of the controllers by moving while charging and remaining static when fully charged.

The Dual Ultra Slim Charge System works with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. It's officially licensed and comes with two rechargeable batteries and four battery doors*.

*Battery doors for Xbox Series X|S are labeled, “For controllers 2020 & later.”


  • Magnetic ports snap Xbox wireless controllers into place for a perfect connection every time
  • Innovative, micro-suction material keeps your charger in place
  • Cinematic lights will auto-dim based on surrounding light conditions, while LEDs indicate charge status
  • Works with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
  • Officially licensed by Xbox
  • Information

    Leverandør PDP Release 20-10-2020
    Genre Prod nr XSX122DUSCS
    Format XSX EAN 708056067625
    Findes også til - Opdateret 15-10-2020 21:40
    Vægt 0.4kg

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