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The Sims 4 Seasons


Year-Round Fun for Your Sims
Add weatherto your Sims' lives to tell new stores, enjoy seasonal activities, andcelebrate heartfelt holidays with The Sims™ 4 Seasons. Make the most out of theweather all year round, from crisp snowfalls to sweltering heat - every worldis affected by seasons in unique ways. Create a winter story with ice skating,befriend a magical scarecrow at the fall harvest, share a spring fling during adownpour, or host a summer pool party. Gather friends and family to celebrateholidays complete with traditions, gifts and special guests. Stay warm or keepcool with all-new outfits to brave the elements. Even begin a blossominggardening career as a botanist or by crafting floral arrangements!


· Experience Impactful Weather – Enjoy fourstunning seasons and dynamically changing weather that affect all aspects ofyour Sims’ lives. From hot and sunny to blustery and snowy, every world’sclimate is unique and impacts your Sims’ choices, relationships and dailyactivities. Control the elements to summon thunderstorms, clear up overcastskies, or jump between seasons.

· Revel in Seasonal Activities – Year-roundactivities provide Sims fun and entertaining ways to enjoy the seasons. Bundleup to build a snow pal with friends, create snow angels, or perform cool tricksat the skating rink. Toss on a raincoat to splash in a spring shower andexplore the outdoors to earn badges as a scout. Dress Sims in new swimwear tocool off in the sprinkler or play in the kiddie pool. Harvest honey in thefall, play in leaves, or have child Sims make homemade holiday crafts.

· Celebrate the Holidays – Decorate your home and bring Sims together tocelebrate heartfelt holiday traditions. Ring in the new year with acelebration, enjoy a romantic date during Love Day, or gather the family for a bountifulharvest feast. Watch as your Sims count down the calendar days untilWinterfest, where presents are gifted, decorations are hung, and Father Winterpays a visit. You can even create custom holidays and choose how your Simscelebrate.

· Grow Your Gardening Career – Create beautifulbouquets and unearth new discoveries in the gardening career. With a newfoundgreen thumb as a floral designer, Sims craft flower arrangements and makedeliveries around town. More scientific Sims can become a botanist, wherethey’ll analyse plants, write scientific papers, and gain notoriety to earngrants. Advance your Sim’s budding talents to unlock fresh skills, new outfits,and handy objects.


Julkaisija Electronic Arts Julkaisu 22-06-2018
Genre Simulation Tuotenumero 1670S4SEAEN
Alusta PC EAN 5035226122811
Muut formaatit - Tiedot päivitetty 28-05-2018 19:10
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The Sims 4 Seasons

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