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NACON Gaming Mouse GM-110 Red


The GM-110's optical sensor has four adjustable DPI settings for optimum precision up to 2400 DPI – ideal for FPS games! The mouse also includes glow effects and 6 buttons for increased in-game responsiveness.
Stay in Control!
The GM-110 with glow effects has everything you need for fast-paced action in the latest FPS games.

Technical specifications
Don't let the compact design of the GM-110 deceive you: beneath the sleek curves, there's a strong performer for FPS/TPS games.
This mouse with optical sensor has multiple settings to suit every PC gamer. It offers 4 sensitivity levels for the best experience in all games: 800, 1600, 2000 or 2400 DPI. Quickly change the sensitivity level with the button under the mouse wheel.
With a textured surface for optimal grip, the GM-110 fits the contours of all hand shapes and ensures you stay in complete control, even after many hours of play. Ideal for players who need high levels of accuracy in first- and third-person shooters (FPS/TPS), it's also a great choice for MOBAs and MMOs thanks to the 6 buttons that ensure a quick response to enemy actions.



  • Connection : Integrated USB cable
  • Cable length (cm) : 180
  • Software : No
  • Ergonomics

  • Ambidextrous : No
  • Side buttons : 2
  • Backlighting : Blue/Red

  • General information
    Compatible with Windows


    Julkaisija NACON Julkaisu 01-01-2020
    Genre Tuotenumero 16800NACGM7
    Alusta PC EAN 3499550374445
    Muut formaatit - Tiedot päivitetty 11-06-2020 12:00
    Paino 0.3kg
    NACON Gaming Mouse GM-110 Red

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