Batman Advent Calendar 2022

Batman Advent Calendar 2022

• Countdown to Christmas with 24 different gifts
• Exclusive products included in calendar

Are you ready for Christmas, because we are!
This is the Batman advent calendar 2022 from Cinereplicas!
We say like Batman "Everyone can be a hero!" This calendar is a must have for all Batman fans and contains 24 different items such as keychain, stickers, stationary items and a flash light!

24 items (Name Label, Memo Bloc, Kids Stamp,
Phone Sticker, Plush Keyring, Patch, Memo Pad,
Eraser, Puzzle 12pcs, Sharpener, Golden Sticker,
Pencil, Washi Tape, Rubber Keychain, Magnet,
Paper Clip, Card Holder, Glow in the Dark Stickers,
Cleaning Cloth, Meter Measuring Tape, LED Torch)

Box size: 245 x 330 x 50 mm



Julkaisija Cinereplicas
Julkaisupäivä 2022-11-01
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