Harry Potter - Huffelpuff Keyring

Harry Potter - Huffelpuff Keyring

Hufflepuff Keychain from Harry Potter.

A hand painted keychain of the Hufflepuff house crest approximately 4.5cm in width offered in a four colour box.

Founded by Helga Hufflepuff during medieval times, members of house Hufflepuff are hardworking, patient, loyal and fair. If these idiosyncrasies apply and you can see yourself rubbing shoulders with Professor Sprout and the Fat Friar then this Hufflepuff Crest Keychain is right up your alley! Set in a wonderful gold effect and featuring the house emblematic animal, the badger... you might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil!

Die-Cast Metal Hufflepuff Crest Keychain / Keyring
Crest measures approx. 4.5cm (W) x 6cm (H)
Authentic Harry Potter collectable, comes in a presentation box
Designed and manufactured to perfection by The Noble Collection
100% officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise


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